Trump’s Twitter Return: What To Expect

The people have spoken, Elon Musk has allowed Donald Trump back on Twitter after a poll. So, what can we expect from the former President’s return? Will he reignite old flame wars? Or will he take a more diplomatic approach to discourse? We can also expect some funny business from his own network, Truth Social. Will Trump abandon it in favor of Twitter or will he continue to champion his own platform? Will Truth social be another Trump Bankruptcy?

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How did Trump get reinstated on Twitter

Well, it seems that a poll on Elon Musk’s favorite platform (Twitter) resulted in an overwhelming majority of people saying they wanted Trump to be reinstated. And by overwhelming majority, we of course mean about a 2% difference between the Trump haters and lovers!

Many had feared a return of Trump would be eminent once Musk took over the platform. People tend to be divided into three camps:

  1. Our former president’s voice shall not be silenced!
  2. Silence the Orange buffoon!
  3. What’s a Trump?
  4. Are we still brickingitforCanada?

What will Trump do?

Most likely… nothing! Trump’s got his own little social media platform called “Truth Social” now. Where everyone can say whatever they want, as long your opinion is not too progressive or too radical that is!

Basically it’s a watered down version of Twitter. But you what, who doesn’t love water? It’s healthy and good for you! Twitter is the version full of alcohol & sugar… those things are bad! We all know Trump doesn’t approve of drinking, so it makes perfect sense to not continue with these tweet shenanigans.

Is anyone trying to stop Trump from going back on Twitter?

Well, for one… there might be those 4000+ employees Musk fired from twitter that might feel a bit salty right now. Let’s quote fictional employee number 2999 and see what he has to say on this matter:

Jimmy Banhammer: “Everything I worked for, all gone! I caused so many bans, shadow bans, temporary bans, permanent bans… I even banned some Ann’s, Doctor Mann’s and several bands! And it’s all gone because of these pesky kids who love Musk so much! I was never in favor of the Trump ban though, you can’t ban the president! He’ll just start his own network!” (Jimmy’s name has been altered to protect his identity)

Well you heard it here first, even a fake employee from twitter doesn’t even approve the banning of Trump. What has the world come to?

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