Donald Trump gets in the NFT business

Former President Donald Trump is now part of the NFT (non-fungible token) industry, a rapidly growing sector in the digital world. Through his new venture, Trump has created a series of NFT cards featuring some of his most iconic moments from his time as president. Like that time he was shooting lasers out of his eyes. You know, Super Trump?

Why is Donald Trump getting involved with NFTs?

A lot of celebrities have jumped into the NFT world, including Lindsay Lohan, Kings of Leon, Steve Aoki, Miley Cyrus and many more.

What do all of these people have in common you say? Corporate sellouts looking for a quick cash grab you say? That’s right! A lot of these projects tend to lose 99% of their initial value over time, and that’s when main celebrity backing it usually walks away without any sort of legal issues.

There are some Youtubers tracking these NFT’s and if you’re interested in learning more about why most of them are just money grabs, feel free to watch this clip.

NFT tokens are not this paper, this is just a silly stock photo

Are Trump’s NFT any different?

The main value behind NFTs is hype… so… maybe! Trump has a big red hat wielding follower base who would likely buy his farts if they could acquire them. Whether or not his NFTs will outlast the hype is another question. But, as of right now it looks like he could make quite a bit of money off them.

Time will tell whether Trump’s NFTs are a genius investment or just another way for him to capitalize on his former presidency. All we know is that Donald Trump sure is living up to his reputation of making money wherever he can.

What’s on these damn NFT cards anyway?

Well, Trump NFT cards feature many ultra realistic Trump moments such as his famous “Make America Great Again” speech, golfing at Mar-a-Lago and his ultra presidential hair. You can also find some rarer ones like the time Trump wrestled Chris Christie or launched nuclear missiles with his eyes. Wait, what?

At the initial sale, one NFT cost 99$ and there are 45 000 of them. A quick napkin math calculation tells us that this must be a lot of ‘frickin’ money! (We can’t count, sue us)

No doubt a lot of this money went into the development of these NFT cards… Ah, it doesn’t cost anything you say? Okay, a lot of the proceedings from these cards will likely go into fighting Trump’s legal battles. Is that better?

Which other former presidents might get their own NFT collection?

We are all eagerly awaiting for George Washington to rise from the dead with his own NFT collection, depicting his fight against slavery in the south. Realistically though, unless someone like Kanye “ye” West gets elected as president of the USA, it’s quite unlikely anyone else will ever do an NFT collection as a former head of state.

If we had to guess, maybe Putin will once all his yachts get seized?

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