The times Trump didn’t Triumph

In life everyone makes mistakes, except for Trump as he is the greatest self proclaimed individual who ever lived (and will ever live). Nonetheless there were times when he strategically bankrupted some businesses. Let’s review some of these right now!


Trump Airlines

Back in 1989, Donald Trump invested a whopping $365 million to launch an airline company. Despite receiving business from the rich and famous, only one year later, Trump was forced to shut down his venture due to poor maintenance of aircrafts and unprofitable flight routes. Shutdown? Airplanes are just for losers, real men travel in limousines.

Taj Mahal Casino – In 1990

Donald Trump opened the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was expecting to make a fortune but the casino only lasted until 2016 when it declared bankruptcy and closed its doors after losing millions of dollars. But who needs money when you have class? I guess he should’ve stuck to online casinos in Canada.

Trump Vodka

In 2006, Trump launched his own brand of vodka with the tagline, “Success Distilled”. We could have added this to Trump’s funniest quotes! Despite the claims made by Donald Trump about it being a success, the vodka failed to make an impact in the market and was discontinued by 2011. We can’t blame him for this one, he doesn’t drink himself… so he had no way of verifying quality. Only losers drink you see, so some loser must have been in charge of this and messed up.

Trump University

Donald Trump launched his own university in 2005 with the promise of teaching students how to make money through real estate investments. Unfortunately, when the college closed in 2010, many students complained that the classes were a scam and they had wasted their money on useless information. Only a fool blames his tools! If you needed classes in the first place, then maybe you were just a giant loser!

The moral of the story? Trump may not always succeed, but he never really loses. He’s still as rich and powerful as ever! So, forget about his business failures and make America great again! After all, nobody fails like Donald Trump.

Trump Entertainment Resorts

This venture was launched in 1995 when Donald Trump bought a number of casinos in Atlantic City. By 2009 the company had filed for bankruptcy and the casinos were sold off. Well, sometimes you have to know when to fold ’em! Even Donald Trump knows that! Casinos are for losers anyway.

Donald Trump fans wouldn’t venture to such places, as they are winners. And this is obviously what ended up bankrupting the business. Casinos don’t like winners.

Trump Magazine

Donald Trump also ventured into publishing with his own magazine, but it lasted only two years before shutting down in 2009. But let’s face it, who reads magazines anymore? It was bound to fail.

Trump has had his fair share of business failures over the years, but like a true champion he remains undeterred and continues to strive for success. After all, every bankruptcy just washes away debt and gives him a clean slate to try again and funnel some more money out of the system! Like a true boss, Trump wins even when he loses.

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