Controversy and Funding Struggles of the Great Wall of Canada

The Great Wall of Canada, a massive barrier that aims to protect Canada’s northern borders, has generated a lot of debate and controversy, not just about its effectiveness and practicality, but also about how it will be funded. With a projected cost in the billions of dollars, funding this ambitious project has proven to be a contentious issue. In this article, we will discuss the various funding methods being considered and the public reaction to them.

Funding Methods Proposed

The government has proposed several funding methods for the Great Wall of Canada. The first method is a “wall tax” on Canadian citizens. This would involve levying a small tax on citizens to raise funds for the wall’s construction. This proposal has been met with widespread protests and criticism from citizens, who argue that they should not be forced to pay for such a costly and unnecessary project. Some experts have also weighed in, stating that the cost of the wall would far outweigh any potential benefits.

Another funding method that has been proposed is using online crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter. The government has suggested using these platforms to raise funds for the wall, arguing that it would be a quick and easy way to raise the necessary funds. However, this method has been met with skepticism and doubt, with many experts arguing that it is unlikely to raise enough money.

A third funding method that was suggested is asking for Mexico’s contribution to the funding of the wall, with the idea that it would assist in the security and protection of the North American region. As expected, this proposal has been met with backlash by the Mexican Government and has caused diplomatic tension, as Mexico argues that it would not provide any benefits for them, and also considering the history of relations between the two countries.

It’s effects on Canadian Stereotypes

The Great Wall of Canada could have a huge impact on Canada’s national image, and not just because it would physically change the landscape, but because it would change the way the world sees us. With the wall in place, we may finally live up to our stereotypes of being unfriendly and aloof, as we can finally say “sorry” for not being able to welcome you in. No more “eh”s, no more hockey talks and no more “everyone knows everyone” moments, the wall will make sure of that. But the real tragedy? The wall will block out the scent of Tim Horton’s coffee, which is the real Canadian symbol.

Government’s response

Despite these controversies, the government has stated that the construction of the wall will proceed as planned. However, lawmakers have acknowledged that alternative funding methods are being considered. They acknowledged that the proposed funding methods are not the only solutions. Bricking it for Canada remains a top priority!

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