bricking it for canada

Join in a unique campaign started long back to keep the outsiders outside Canada and build
a wall between the United Nations and Canada! Simply click the button to give
brick and help raise enough bricks for the wall.

U.K. program wants the world to help "brick it for Canada"

please help us build the 8,800 kilometre long Canadian wall to keep the crazies out of Canada!

Are you interested in helping the Canadians in the construction of a wall to keep US citizens out of their state? Register now in just a few simple steps to work for a good cause!

Buy A Brick Fundraising Campaign

Participate in a brick fundraising campaign with almost no money and have an impact on the nation for its good.
Build a long wall to keep the US refugees out of Canada that may completely disrupt the economy and the operation of the nation.

The Last Leg
Comedy Show

Check out the Last Leg Comedy Show, hosted by Adam Hills, an Australian comic who came up with the idea and has shown tremendous support for Canadians.

Build A Border Wall

Take note of how many bricks you can donate to keep US people in the country and create a wall that makes it impossible for them to cross borders.


Donate bricks to a campaign to become a donor or meet some of the numerous donors who have contributed to the campaign’s success to work together for the cause.

Bricking It For Canada Campaign

Help the campaign collect as many bricks as possible by simply clicking on the button to give bricks to separate the people of the United States and Canada.

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“Though this campaign began a long time ago, I am glad that it is still ongoing since it provides the sense
that Canadians’ voices are being heard and spread beyond countries.”