Design Plans Unveiled for the Great Wall of Canada

In a move to protect our northern borders, Canada has announced plans to build a massive wall around its territory. Dubbed the “Great Wall of Canada,” this ambitious project aims to be a shining example of Canadian engineering and grit. But let’s not forget the main reason for it, we are just bricking it for … Read more

Donald Trump gets in the NFT business

Former President Donald Trump is now part of the NFT (non-fungible token) industry, a rapidly growing sector in the digital world. Through his new venture, Trump has created a series of NFT cards featuring some of his most iconic moments from his time as president. Like that time he was shooting lasers out of his … Read more

Trump’s Twitter Return: What To Expect

The people have spoken, Elon Musk has allowed Donald Trump back on Twitter after a poll. So, what can we expect from the former President’s return? Will he reignite old flame wars? Or will he take a more diplomatic approach to discourse? We can also expect some funny business from his own network, Truth Social. … Read more

The times Trump didn’t Triumph

In life everyone makes mistakes, except for Trump as he is the greatest self proclaimed individual who ever lived (and will ever live). Nonetheless there were times when he strategically bankrupted some businesses. Let’s review some of these right now! Trump Airlines Back in 1989, Donald Trump invested a whopping $365 million to launch an … Read more