Was It A Good Idea For Last Leg To Come Up With The Idea Of The ‘Bricking It For Canada’ Campaign?

The United States and Canada have relished a trading and military connection. However, the 2016 election and the election of Donald Trump as President definitely caused some animosity between the two countries. The Last Leg capitalised on the tension and made fun of it. But was it indeed that horrible, or was it beneficial to the people? Continue reading to know more about it!

About Last Leg

The Last Leg, formerly known as The Last Leg with Adam Hills, is a late-night British comedy show that airs on television. Adam Hills hosts the show, including Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker and Lorraine Kelly. The show, which initially aired every night after the main coverage of the 2012 Summer Paralympics, comprised a combination of comedy, interviews, and Paralympics clips. Since then, it has evolved into a weekly show that provides a funny alternate look back at the previous week’s events.

What is the campaign all about?

People witnessed Trump’s increasing victory during the 2016 election season. Donald Trump startled the political world by becoming the only person elected President of the United States who had no government or military background. Trump is well-known for his promises to erect a wall across the border with Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out.

As a result of this achievement, people started to relocate from the US to Canada. This is when the show’s host, Adam Hills, showed his concern about Canada by saying,

Bricking It For Canada

“If I was Canada, I’d be worried because they’re going to face an influx of refugees.”

Therefore, he devised an absurd plan to construct a wall between Canada and the United States of America to “pledge to keep the Americans in America.” The show came up with erecting a wall between Canada and the USA in 2016.

He created a website called “Bricking it for Canada” with an image of a reindeer (because it was Christmas) and the now-former President of the United States, Donald Trump. There is a trigger button on the site, and each time you click it, you contribute one brick to the wall’s construction. The website included a “BrickstarterTotaliser,” showing how many bricks have been contributed and how many bricks are still needed to complete the wall between the two nations.

The reaction of the Canadians

Although the entire concept was a mockery of both nations, the folks of Canada were unaffected by it. They appreciated it because they thought someone was speaking for them and addressing their concerns in front of the world. Canadians intended to create a barrier between the two countries. Unfortunately, this was only a show talk and could not be applied in the actual world. Nonetheless, the Canadians were relieved that other countries were concerned about their plight.

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